Live Music on the Rise

Over the last year, live music use as reported to OneMusic has increased by 11% - from a total of 34,621 days of live music used by approximately 1400 different venues, to 38,368 days of live music across approximately 1600 different venues.

This translate to an increase of 3747 days of live, or a massive 10.2 YEARS more live music every year!

That means there are more venues, hosting more live music in their premises - which means more royalties for songwriters.

So maybe next time you walk into a cafe / restaurant / bar / shop / club / venue that has some live music going on, give them a high five, and say thanks for supporting musicians.

Thank you to all the businesses and venues that have contributed to this massive increase in performances, and subsequently royalties getting paid to songwriters.

OneMusic offer Live Music licences that give businesses the permission they need to host bands and performers at their venues. Click here for rates and for more information regarding using live music in your business. If you would like to add live music to your OneMusic licence, contact us and we can help you get the permission you need to start using live performers in your business.