How Much?

The cost of each licence is determined by a number of factors. Most importantly we want to make sure this is a simple and easy calculation for you, the music user. We have worked closely with many industry organisations and with our customers directly to find the fairest and most reasonable methods of calculation. In formulating a licence fee we rely on the way that you use music (i.e. whether it is background or featured) and the size of your premises.

For licence fees go to Which Licence?

Where does my money go?

OneMusic is a joint licencing initiative between APRA (who represent music writers) and Recorded Music NZ (who represent record companies and recording artists). Our role is to administer the rights of our members (i.e. a worldwide repertoire of music writers, publishers and record companies) and enable you to play music in public by taking one simple licence.

The licence fee is divided between APRA and Recorded Music NZ who distribute that income in the form of royalties to their members. The distribution is based on data collected from numerous sources broadly representing the music used by businesses in public. These sources include data from radio and TV broadcasters, live performance returns from our members, cinemas, airlines, schools and background music suppliers.

This is the most simple and efficient method for distributing public performance royalties, and is the standard internationally. APRA and Recorded Music NZ pay all the income they receive, less their actual costs, to rights-holders each year. In most years these costs equal around 13% of the royalties collected.

By holding a OneMusic licence you are ensuring that more music will be made for you and your customers to enjoy.