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Why Do I Need a Licence to Play Music?

How it Works

People Write + Record Music

People invest time, money and creativity crafting music for us to enjoy.
Music creators then ask OneMusic to look after certain rights on their behalf.

OneMusic Licenses Businesses

OneMusic issue licences to businesses and organisations, giving them the permission they need to play music.

Businesses Play Music

Businesses play music to entertain people and to enhance their business.

Music Creators Get Paid

OneMusic pays music creators so they can keep on making the music we love.

Using Music in a Business

Having permission to play music in a business setting is a legal requirement, regardless of what industry you operate in or how you play music

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A well-known bar, restaurant, and venue in Kerikeri has been fined by the high court for infringement of copyright laws

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Using Music Just Got Easier

OneMusic recently introduced an accommodation licence, making it easier for hotels to get permission to use music.

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Case Study

Lula Inn

The Lula Inn serves up a top notch pacific-inspired menu alongside a veritable feast of musical talent, including live bands and hot local and international DJs.

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