Sporting Codes

Sporting events are at the heart of our communities, bringing us together like no other activity can.

As a part of staging events that excite fans and keep them coming back, sporting codes and organisations often choose to use music as a part of their events. Live performers, music as the players take the field or court, music when players score – music is a powerful tool that can be used to unify and build loyalty with fans.

The OneMusic Sporting Code Licence provides a level playing field for all codes and all fields of sport. A simple fee paid per attendee grants you permission for live and background music, before, during and after the competition. A OneMusic licence grants you the legal permission you need to use music, while supporting the people that make the music sporting fans love. 




Sporting Code Annual Licence Fee $0.063 per attendee
Dubbing Fee $300.85 per annum
  • Sporting Code annual licence fee subject to a minimum fee of $109.00.
  • Rates include GST and apply to the period 1 October 2020 – 30 September 2021. Rates increase by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on the 1st October each year.
  • The Sporting Code licence covers the public performance of music during the course of a sporting code season. It does not cover music used at a one-off sporting event. In this case, an application should be made for an event licence through APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ.
  • Music Dubbing is an additional fee and covers copying, downloading or streaming music (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc.) to play in your business. Learn more here.


Why do I need a music licence?

Under the Copyright Act (1994), having permission from music creators to use their music outside of a domestic setting is a legal requirement. This permission is required regardless of how you play music – whether you play the radio, CDs, use digital music services, or host live performances. A OneMusic licence grants businesses and organisations the legal permission they need to use virtually all music from anywhere in the world.

I have paid for the music I play, so why do I need a licence?

Simply buying music does not provide the rights to use this music in a commercial or public setting. Music is sold for private / domestic use, so any use of this music by a business or organisation requires the permission of music creators to use their music. 

Is holding a licence to play music a legal requirement?

Yes it is - the Copyright Act (1994) clearly establishes public performance rights, protecting the rights of music creators. The Copyright Act also outlines the penalties for anyone in breach of the Act. You can access the Copyright Act (1994) here.

We use a music streaming service - why do we need a Music Dubbing licence?

When you play music in a business setting you need the permission to do so. Additional permission is also needed when you download, copy or stream music in your business.

Learn more about Music Dubbing here.

Who is OneMusic?

OneMusic is the licensing brand for APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ. OneMusic licenses businesses that use music on behalf of APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ, who return the licence fees collected to music creators – songwriters, composers, music publishers, recording artists and record labels – as royalties.

Both are member organisations, which means that after administration costs all money collected is returned to music creators as royalties.

Where does the money go?

OneMusic pays all money collected to APRA and Recorded Music NZ to distribute to their members - songwriters, composers, music publishers, recording artists and record labels.

For background music performed during sporting events, licence fees are distributed using data from commercial radio stations, student, community and iwi radio stations, television networks, streaming services and background music suppliers.

For live performances, licence fees are distributed based on performance reports APRA receive from live performers, who provide information regarding where they have played, and the songs they performed.

APRA and Recorded Music NZ are both member organisations, which means that after administration costs, all money collected is distributed to music creators as royalties.

What licences do I need for one-off sporting events?

It’s important to note that the OneMusic Sporting Code licence is designed to cover music used by sporting codes across the year, and does not cover one-off events.

For single sporting events an APRA Sporting Event Licence and a Recorded Music NZ Sporting Event Licence is required.


Want to know more? Read the full FAQs here, or call us on 0800 800 663 - we're here to help.