Sporting Codes Music Review

To get your invoice right, it’s important to complete your Music Review.

The OneMusic licence is charged annually and in advance. When you start your licence, we ask you for the annual number of people admitted to events in previous 12 months. Prior to your anniversary each year, we send a Music Review, where you confirm the actual number admitted. The number you report at the end of each licence period is used as your estimate for the next 12 months.

Please keep an accurate record of your number of attendees throughout the year. This includes tickets sold, free tickets, complimentary tickets, promo tickets, corporate boxes, annual pass holders etc, and includes spectators and participants. This excludes people who purchased a ticket but did not show up.

Completing an annual Music Review is a requirement under the terms and conditions of the OneMusic Licence, and it is your way to ensure your music use is covered.