Music In Video

The Domestic Use Video licences are a low-cost solution for incorporating music into films of weddings and similar events where those films have been made by you solely for the purpose of domestic viewing.

These licences cover either one off events or businesses providing clients with videos throughout the year, providing a one-stop licence for your music use on these type of video recordings.

Normally, obtaining copyright clearances to put recorded music onto a film or video would involve contacting the copyright holder for each song you want to use. The Domestic Use Video licence gives you a low-cost and simple way of ensuring that you are fully compliant and music creators are paid fairly for their work.

The licence covers the making of video recordings for the purpose of supply to those who appear in them and for their private domestic use only e.g. wedding videos for the bride and groom etc. The licences permit music that is played at the event to be captured in the production and also for the synchronisation and dubbing from commercial recordings in post-production. Specific terms and restrictions are set out in the licences.

The licence now covers files digitally delivered to clients and online use that is password protected for the purpose of communicating to clients and event guests e.g. by emailing the digital file or providing a password protected link through your website.

What isn't covered by these licences

  • Corporate/training videos
  • Commercially marketed audiovisual productions
  • Audiovisual productions available for public purchase and or public screenings
  • Audiovisual productions made for broadcast or internet transmission without any password protection (including upload to sharing sites like YouTube or Facebook)
  • Showreels
  • Productions containing promotional or advertising material.
  • Recording any staged event (such as a play, ballet or opera) where the performance right in the musical works are granted by the music publisher directly, or through an agency agreement with APRA. Permission to record staged events must be obtained directly from the Music Publisher (or their agent) from whom the performance licence was obtained.

If you are a business owner or videographer hired to film a wedding or similar events you can apply for a single event licence or an annual licence to cover your domestic use of music in productions.

Single Domestic Video Licence - Recording your own wedding or other private event

A low-cost solution to use music into films of weddings and similar private events where those films have been made by you, solely for the purpose of domestic viewing.

Annual Domestic Video Licence - Videographers

A low-cost solution for businesses that incorporate music into films of weddings and similar events where those films are made solely for the purpose of domestic viewing for your clients.

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